The Inflatable Dome

The CAF Rise Above education program focuses on minority voices from WWII and uses immersive technology to better the story telling experience. Currently the CAF RISE ABOVE: Red Tail program uses a traveling trailer exhibit to show a dynamic film about the Tuskegee Airmen--the first African-American military pilots. Through the use of this trailer, the Red Tail Squadron reaches an average of 40,000 people each year across the country. 

Following the success of the Red Tail Squadron, the CAF began to brainstorm how to deploy the RISE ABOVE program in units across the country in a way that was attainable and affordable. As a result, the CAF is excited to announce a new form of immersive storytelling: the inflatable dome. These theaters incorporate state-of-the-art projection, screen and audio quality to maximize the viewing experience and are easily transportable by car or airplane to be placed in school gyms, aircraft hangars, shopping malls, community centers, churches, and many more! Additionally, the theaters are handicapped accessible, air conditioned, can be set up by a single person, and requires minor training to operate reliably. Each dome holds approximately 45 viewers at a time or the equivalent of one standard middle school class. 

The dome theater program has been designed as a flexible, scalable method to allow volunteers from all CAF units to participate in a high quality, nationally-branded education program. 

To learn more about the inflatable dome project, view the resource document on the Documents page under Resources.  If you are working toward an education program that could benefit from a dome theater and would like additional information, please contact the CAF's Vice President of Education, Bill Shepard, at

Note: The only content currently available for dome usage is the RISE ABOVE: Red Tail film. The CAF RISE ABOVE: WASP film is still in the fundraising stage and therefore not currently available for use in the dome theaters.