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Bank of America

U.S. Trust, a Bank of America corporation, has recently begun managing the CAF's Endowment Fund. One of the benefits of this new relationship is access to the philanthropic specialists from around the country who often have advisory or grant decision making responsibilities. 

U.S. Trust serves as a trustee, co-trustee, or agent to numerous charitable foundations. Working with either and internal committee or in conjunction with a co-trustee, family member, or external adviser, U.S. Trust evaluates grant proposals to ensure that meaningful grants are awarded in accordance with the philanthropic mission of each foundation. 

We have identified specific contacts for the following states: 

GA: Mark Drake

MO: Tony Tyman

KS: Tony Tyman

MA: Emma Greeme

NY: Bryan Amico

TX: Shantel Williams (South), Kelly Donohue (West), Debra Phares (North)

VA: Amy Lynch

WA: Nancy Atkinson

To learn more about opportunities in your area, visit From this website, you can search for foundations by state and program type. You can also identify a contact from a U.S. Trust that will help you identify which foundations are the best fit for your projects and the best way to proceed in making a solicitation. 

We encourage you to reach out to the contact identified for your local area to discuss your upcoming projects and introduce the philanthropic specialist to the CAF and your individual squadron. 

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