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Fundraising Training Series

The CAF has partnered with the Dallas-based company Mission Advancement to create a series of webinars about fundraising that are tailored to the unique qualities of the CAF. The training is separated into two different series and covers the following topics:


Series One

  • Discovering Your Second Mission

  • Crafting Your Story

  • Building a Support Base

  • Creating a Successful Fundraising Event

  • Executing a Successful Fundraising Campaign

Series Two

  • Building and Managing Relationships

  • Donor Cultivation

  • Asking for Money

  • Creating a Fundraising Network

Each topic has a short video that is also supported by a workbook to help you develop applicable skills. Units can purchase each series for $300 or the combined series for $500. This allows complete access to the training to be used repeatedly within your unit—and with as many of your members as you wish.

If your unit incorporates these guidelines and principles into your fundraising efforts, your Unit will raise more money to fulfill the CAF mission. And, should one of your members offer to purchase the training on behalf of the unit, the donation would be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

For more information or to purchase the series, please contact the Development Office at 214-330-1700, ext 131, or email

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