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Annual Fundraising Ideas

The different seasons can utilized for theming of events. Below are some suggestions on how your unit can capitalize on the generosity of donors any time of the year.

Table Setting

Hangar Dinner

Hosting a dinner event in your Hangar (or other unit gathering place) is a great way to raise money and connect with members of your community. Sell tickets to the event and, if you don't want to do the cooking yourself, consider partnering with local chefs or restaurants. For added funding opportunities, offer table sponsorship to area businesses and offer to promote their marketing materials in return. Consider providing live entertainment from local performers to attract even more attendees and remember to promote your event on social media.

Table Setting
Seasonal Pumpkins

Pumpkin Carving, Pie Eating, or Chili Cook-Off Contest

Appeal to everyone's sense of competition by hosting a pumpkin carving, pie eating or chili cook-off contest. Donations come in the form of a registration fee to enter the contest or, in the case of a cook-off, a ticket to taste the finished goods. You can also cut down on costs by partnering with a local bakery, farmer, or other business to furnish necessary supplies. Be sure to offer a compelling prize for the winners, like an aircraft flight or VIP treatment at an airshow. 

Carnival Game

Seasonal Festival

Face-painting, ring-toss, and other fun seasonal activities are great ways to attract families to your hangar or museum space any time of year. Consider partnering with local businesses to sell booth space to vendors. Alternatively, if your community already has a popular seasonal festival, reach out to festival officials to see if you can park one of your aircraft and distribute candy or other goodies and ask for donations. 


Movie Night

All you need is a projector and a big empty wall to host your own World War II--themed movie night! Purchase some big bags of popcorn, provide some comfortable seating, and sell tickets for attendance for a fundraiser your community won't easily forget. 

Note: if the film you wish to show is not in the public domain, you will need to request licensing permission from the film's production company for use and possibly pay an associated fee. However, several WWII films are in the public domain, including Go For Broke and Three Came Home. Also remember when advertising to indicate whether or not your chosen film is kid friendly. ​

Halloween Pumpkin

Haunted Hangar

Fake spiderwebs, black cats, and ghoulish pumpkins galore! If you're feeling especially crafty, transform your hangar or museum into a place of thrills. Hit up resale shops or ask your unit members to bring in their Halloween decorations and dress up as participants. Sell tickets for admission and accept donations at the end to boost overall revenue. 

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